20 Must-Listen Podcasts to Improve Business, Leadership and Cocktail Party Banter

September 30, 2023 / by ECLARO

International Podcast Day is upon us, and that of course begs the question, what podcasts are on your must-listen list?

Naturally there are a range of favorites among the Eclaro team and our friends and colleagues, a mix of new and ongoing productions and others that have called it a wrap and left behind a library worth revisiting. In every case, however, they offer a mix of insights, information, education and entertainment that can be applied to improving life in and out of the workplace.

The list you’re about to dive into is by no means exhaustive, and it certainly won’t be the last time we share podcast proclivities here at Five on Friday. But in honor of International Podcast Day 2023, we’re happy to share five podcasts for each of our Engage, Evolve, Excel and Explore categories, plus five fun podcast facts.

Get ready to press play…

Business Wars—Every business has competition. It’s part executive training seminar, part history lesson, all fun and fascinating facts as each episode takes you inside such heavyweight battles as Uber vs. Lyft, Nike vs. Adidas, Coke vs. Pepsi and beyond.

Dare to Lead—We all want authenticity from our business leaders. We want inspiration. We want innovation. Here’s how to do it.

Founder Coffee—Not every business founder has found success by taking the same path, but all their paths have led to success. Here’s their roadmaps.

TED Talks Daily—Because you don’t always have time to watch, and there’s always more worth learning from the most engaging speakers on the planet.

The Tim Ferriss Show—The author of The 4-Hour Workweek engages in fascinating, fun conversations with about as wide a range of guests and topics as you could image. One week it’s a NAVY Seal, one week it’s Mark Zuckerberg, one week it’s…well, it’s more fun to find out for yourself.

Akimbo—One of the most prolific minds in marketing, business and human behavior, Seth Godin offers up a culture-based look at paths toward change and making an impact in anything we do Akimbo is an ancient word, from the bend in the river or the bend in an archer's bow,” the show describes itself. “It's become a symbol for strength, a posture of possibility, the idea that when we stand tall, arms bent, looking right at it, we can make a difference.

Beyond the To-Do List—You can’t get time back once it’s gone, but you certainly can learn to manage it with better efficiency—while enjoying your tasks along the way. Host Erik Fisher sits down with pros in the practice of productivity for practical tips on incorporating the concept toward personal and professional achievement.

HBR IdeaCast—What would you call an opportunity to share the insights, ideas, creativity, experience, advice and adventures of the world’s leading thinkers and leaders in business and management, as curated by the minds of the Harvard Business Review? You’d call it this podcast.

The New Rules of Business—The cofouders of Chief, Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan, gather business leaders and brilliant minds to conquer such concepts as the future of the “move fast and break things” strategy, executive presence on Zoom, blowing up the boardroom and more.

The New Way We Work—Business transformation is essential to the long-term growth and near-term planning and action of any successful organization. This take hosted by Fast Company’s Kate Davis will help keep you up to speed with the perpetual change, and exchange of ideas, at the heart of today’s (and tomorrow’s) business evolution.

Business Accelerator—Setting goals that actually work, scaling a small business, empowering employees, avoiding quiet quitting, rules for effective delegation….. The topics and talking points tackled by father-and-daughter hosts Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller are tackled with an engaging mix of wit and wisdom while always keeping long-term success in mind.

Entrepreneurs on Fire—You know we love our “E” words here at Eclaro, and Entrepreneur is certainly high on that list. So is Energy. Enthusiasm. Engaging. Expertise. As a listener to John Lee Dumas, you get them all as he interviews an exceptional roster of guests with enlightening stories to share.

Goal Digger—With an endlessly upbeat approach and you-can-do-it-and-meet-your-goals demeanor, host Jenna Kutcher delivers inspiring messages from herself and an incredible lineup of interviewees who address the challenges of sales, marketing, pivoting, productivity and beyond.

The School of Greatness—There is no one-size-fits-all approach to greatness, no single way to define the term, yet we all know greatness when we see it. Or, in this case, hear it from renowned greats in the worlds of entertainment, finance, sports, science, the arts, as well as from host and best-selling author Lewis Howes.

Support Is Sexy—Inspiring, empowering women entrepreneurs share insights into their own success, challenges and why you don’t have to go it alone to get where you want to be as an individual.

99% Invisible—And 100% addictive. It’s a big world out there, and the more you explore it the more you realize you don’t know much about it. And that’s okay, because within a few listens you’ll know about mail-order houses, the Hollywood casting business, the original kidney-bean-shaped pool and an array of topics you never knew you could possible care about…or how powerfully they’d keep you coming back for more.

How I Built This—The essential podcast for anyone looking to tap into the brainpower and life lessons of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. Stories from the innovators who built icons like Ben & Jerry’s, new powerhouses like Airbnb and countless other businesses are inspiring, surprising and educational at the same time, providing advice that can put into practice in creating corporate success and building a better life no matter your pursuit.

Search Engine—“No question too big, no question too small.” If you’ve wondered why empty offices just can’t be turned into apartments or if airplane coffee is safe to drink, you’ll find your answers here. Of course, you already know the answer…

Stuff You Should Know—One of the best resources for networking event/cocktail party/you-name-it ice breakers of all time, with episodes ranging from The Saga of Milli Vanilli to 10-ish Worst Business Decisions of All Time. When somebody says “Did you know…” you’re likely going to say yes more than you could guess.

Sun Tzu 4 Small BusinessWall Street may have put The Art of War on every business leader’s bookshelf, but that doesn’t mean you’ve read it. Fret not, as this podcast talks about the application of those principals and strategies from the battlefield to the boardroom, back office and everything in between. (Side Note: The book is still worth a read.)

The first podcast: 2004
The term podcast: iPod + broadcast
The first presidential podcast: George W. Bush, 2005
The number of predicted podcast listeners by 2024: 504.9 million
The moment Eclaro launches a podcast: Stay tuned…


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