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May 24, 2024 / by ECLARO

Collaboration, communication, community—as much as we love alliteration at ECLARO, we have an even greater appreciation for the power of coming together to work toward a common goal, of sharing ideas and information in an open, engaged environment, of creating and building community. So it was with great pleasure that we took part in the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) OWS24 summit this past week. 

“In talking about what this year’s conference would include, IAOP said, ‘Together, we'll explore how emerging technologies, innovative strategies, and collaborative partnerships can drive success in the global marketplace.’ That’s not a bad way to spend a few days, right?” says ECLARO SVP of Marketing Eric Feil, who spoke on the “Strategic Insights in Global Offshoring: Know Before You Know, Go Before You Go” panel at the conference.

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“Joining colleagues who are striving to open new markets, to educate businesses about the power of offshoring, to share ideas on how we can all meet challenges and help clients and be better corporate citizens, that’s an inspiring experience.”

And not bad inspiration for the latest edition of Five on Friday, as we share five fabulous phrases from the conference that will resonate well into the future…

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UNITING MINDS, INVITING CONNECTIONS: The theme of OWS24—"Uniting Minds, Inviting Connections,” just in case you just missed it—truly stood up to its promise. A coming together of companies large and small, of industry leaders with decades of experience and newbies just entering this ever-evolving space, the conference both inspired and challenged all of us there to not only focus on the present while having an eye on the future, but to do so together.

No matter your industry, regardless of your experience, joining together with others to share ideas, to ask questions, to offer possible answers, to connect…that’s an indisputable approach to growth and improvement and the ability to make an impact.

IMPACT SOURCING: An invaluable part of OWS24 and the ongoing mission of the IAOP is promoting the importance and power of impact sourcing and inspiring businesses to get involved. Not only are we honored each and every day in the halls of ECLARO to have received the Global Impact Sourcing Award from IAOP and the Rockefeller Foundation in 2021 for the work of ECLARO Academy, but we are honored to be able to share the story behind our nonprofit school in the Philippines with each and every client.

Driven by a belief in the life-changing power of education, ECLARO Academy opened in Manila in 2013 with a mission to not only provide access for anyone, regardless of means, to an outstanding education, but to prepare graduates to compete and excel in a global workforce. We invite every client who visits the Philippines to join us for a day at the school, where they meet the students and faculty, tour the facilities and get to immerse themselves in the educational energy and see how impact sourcing truly has an impact of individuals, communities and the global marketplace.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO, GO BEFORE YOU GO: The decision to offshore is a big one, and doing a comprehensive country risk assessment is essential to doing business in other countries. Knowledge is power, after all.


But let’s not forget how important it is for businesses to work with an outsourcing and offshoring partner who not only has knowledge of the talent pool in the nation in which it is sourcing said talent, but who has years of experience in understanding the how the culture of that country and its workforce influences the relationships that are essential for building a successful offshore team. That’s powerful stuff.

Learning about a country where you are considering an offshore engagement is one thing. Visiting in person is another thing altogether, and one we’ve encouraged at ECLARO since the first day we began doing business in the Philippines. We love nothing more than inviting new clients to visit, to see our Manila offices and meet our team members and immerse themselves in the local culture. Of course, we continue to host our clients year after year as well—go before you go, and then keep going!

AI: If there are any two letters that have dominated conversations around staffing and business thus far in 2024, we don’t know what they are. It’s also true that nobody has yet clearly defined what AI means (or doesn’t) in many instances, and that we are only at the very early stages of a new era in which technology will likely reshape the sourcing landscape more dramatically than ever before.

What we do know, however, is that AI is here to stay, and its impact will be felt on everything from the types of talent businesses will need starting, well, yesterday, to new skills the global workforce will need to master to far-reaching implications that will influence not just the future of work but the fates of nations.

NOBLE WORK: “Among the many topics discussed throughout the conference, from all the ideas and memorable moments, one that continues to come back to me is one shared by Michael Nacarato, who brilliantly moderated our panel,” Feil shares. “He reminded all of us that being part of the outsourcing industry is ‘noble work.’ And he’s right. We just don’t usually take the time to step back and consider that idea.

“But as he shared that idea at the close of the convention, you could feel a sense of pride wash over the room. A pride each and every one of us feels in helping companies thrive and grow by finding them the Right People, in helping individuals find the right job, of helping one another be better in every way that word can be defined.”

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