Eclaro is recognized as Employer of the Month by Kununu

November 19, 2019 / by Jeff Metz

Eclaro is pleased to announce that it is Kununu's employer of the month for the month of November.  See below for the full write-up:

Eclaro is where you want to be this November!

A company that communicates.– anonymous employer review on kununu

Eclaro is a Business and Technology Consulting Firm that connects top talent with opportunities at Fortune 1000 companies. Eclaro strivees to become the best company to work for, allowing them to hire the best people for the best results. And they are on a great path already! With a score of 3,46 points they are one of the best-rated companies in their industry. Their employees praise the great leadership that listens and values input from all of their employees and provides for a positive work environment. But it’s not just the bosses that are great, colleagues are also really engaged and focus on the team success. Apart from that, one employee states: “I love that this company cares about its employees, its clients and every person and company it comes in contact with regardless of the nature of that relationship and whether or not it directly benefits Eclaro. I also like the fair amount of pressure and expectation that management puts on employees. This creates an environment that is easy to work in.” Aside from a great social climate and communication from above the hierarchy, Eclaro employees are very satisfied with their future opportunities, with one employee saying: “Eclaro has actively provided numerous tools and more to help career and skill development.” So start writing notes, get your CV ready and send your application in now!

As we can see, Eclaro certainly stands out in being a communicative company that sees great participation and values the opinions of their employees. That, along with their great skill development opportunities, Kate McCabe, the Senior Account Manager tells us more about what makes Eclaro such a stand out employer:

kununu: What are the unique things you’re doing to attract talent?

Kate McCabe: Eclaro is a truly collaborative team built around the needs of our clients and contractors. We’re a flat organization, so everyone from our Principals on down takes it upon themself to make sure we’re executing on those needs. This allows our team to go deeper regarding their understanding of the requirements on both sides.  Also, our consultants have such faith in our approach that they often refer their peers/colleagues to us. In fact, 30% of our placements come from our referral network.

In your opinion, why would a contractor/consultant want to work with Eclaro?

Being authentic with our approach is why our contractors continue to come back to us.  This isn’t just about filling a seat, in fact we take their career very seriously. While the consultant’s ‘hard skills’ are obviously something that we make sure we have alignment on, it’s just as important that the soft skills are there as well for any role we’re considering them for.  We don’t try to force-fit someone into a role. As a result, we see a very low termination rate due to deep understanding of the contractor/clients relationship. The average recruiter at Eclaro has been with us for 8 years, and 25% of clients have been with us for 20 years!

What are you doing to balance the use of technology to source talent, while also identifying the unique traits that individual contractor brings to the table?

Eclaro makes a point to invest in cutting edge technology including AI to identify top talent, but we’ve found that technology is just part of the equation. Whenever clients have a staffing need we work with them to understand the nuances of what they’re looking and how this role fits into their organization. We’re meticulous in identifying a consultant that best aligns with that role/project that we’re working on.

So overall, we can just simply congratulate Eclaro! To an overall kununu score of 3.48 (out of 5) and to an outstanding recommendation rate of 100%. Keep it up!


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