Eclaro Wins OA Outsourcing Impact Award for Education

October 27, 2023 / by ECLARO

When Eclaro Academy opened its doors a decade ago in Manila, the dream was to create an institution that would help children in the Philippines not only obtain an outstanding education, but help them build a foundation of knowledge, experience and skills that would empower them to change their lives and that of their families and communities as they evolved into invaluable members of the global workforce.

That vision has become a reality over the past decade, the heart of an impact sourcing program at Eclaro that is truly making an difference that we believe will be felt for generations to come. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eclaro Academy, we are also proud to be celebrating a new honor: on behalf of everyone at Eclaro and Eclaro Academy, a very big thank you to Outsource Accelerator for naming us the winner of the 2023 Outsource Accelerator Outsourcing Impact Award for Education.

This award, Outsource Accelerator says, “recognizes an outsourcing company that has made remarkable strides in advancing education for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, or financial status. Their innovative contributions, be it through technology, access to quality resources, or inclusive educational programs, have opened doors of opportunity and empowered learners to achieve their full potential.”

Opportunity and empowerment have always been at the Eclaro Academy core. “With studies showing that every year of schooling increases a person’s lifetime earnings by 10%, and enrollment rates at dangerously low rates among children in the Philippines, we saw an opportunity to make an impact at the most foundational level,” says Eclaro cofounder Paul Sheridan. “That’s where the Eclaro Academy and our education-based impact sourcing program began in the Philippines in 2013.”

“With nearly 4 million out-of-school youth in the Philippines, the Eclaro impact sourcing program provides a way to help those in need truly build a more positive future for themselves,” says Eclaro cofounder Tom Sheridan. “We strive to help the future workforce starting in kindergarten, to give them the tools to use education to impact their earnings and economic opportunity down the line. The first step on the career ladder, that first stride toward skills development and economic self-sufficiency, can be that first step a child takes in their education.”  

Of course, none of it could be possible without the administration, teachers and students who have made the dream of Eclaro Academy a reality. Their dedication, their belief in the power of education, that’s what makes Eclaro Academy so special. We are inspired by their striving for excellence every day, building a foundation inside and outside the classroom that will help young people in the Philippines not only better their lives and that of their families and their communities, not only become skilled, knowledgeable, valuable members of the global workforce, but become lifelong learners.

In addition of offering up to 90% subsidies to employees and their families to attend Eclaro Academy, as well as continuing education programs to Eclaro employees, “we work with the school to hire Eclaro Academy graduates as employees,” Tom Sheridan adds. “We are proud to offer a quality education and give back to the Filipino community in a very meaningful way.”

The OA Outsourcing Impact Project is a new initiative by Outsource Accelerator dedicated to “redefining perspectives on outsourcing, a powerful but often misunderstood business tool,” Outsource Accelerator says. “At its core, the OA Outsourcing Impact Project aims to illuminate the industry, revealing the positive societal impacts and transformation that can be achieved through strategic outsourcing.”

Both the Outsourcing Impact Awards event, honoring “outstanding impact initiatives by outsourcing companies,” and the Outsourcing Impact Report, which includes the stories behind these initiatives, were conceived to not only shine a light on the myriad ways companies are approaching impact sourcing, but to share their stories to inform and inspire. “By documenting and acknowledging the far-reaching impacts and corporate social responsibility efforts of outsourcing companies,” Outsource Accelerator says, “we aim to foster a broader, more nuanced understanding of the outsourcing landscape and its potential to drive positive change.”

Once again, on behalf of everyone at Eclaro and Eclaro Academy, congratulations to all the  winners of the OA Outsourcing Impact Awards, thank you to Outsource Accelerator, and thank you to every company and individual who is supporting impact sourcing initiatives and helping them make a real impact all around the world.

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