Psst, the unemployment rate is only 2.3%

April 30, 2014 / by Tom Sheridan


We are all inundated with “jobs” data regularly, including the monthly unemployment rate. This is, of course, a “macro” statistic.

There are 156,000 computer or IT professionals currently unemployed – which amounts to a 2.3% unemployment rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last modified on January 10, 2014 (down from 3.9% in Jan 2013). According to the BLS, the unemployment rate for people with a Bachelor’s degree or higher is 3.2%.

3% is statistically considered to be “full employment”.  There is a talent war in IT. Candidates are in the driver’s seat. They are comparing on average four offers, not only weighing compensation packages, but also opportunities to expand their skills, flexibility to achieve optimal work/life balance and to contribute to a brand of which they can be proud.  

So if you have questions about market trends for specific positions and in specific sectors, we’re happy to help.

Tom Sheridan

VP, Eclaro



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