Best Remote Monitoring Tools for Tracking Staff Productivity

May 26, 2021 / by Jeff Metz

One notable benefit that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to organizations globally is the renewed enthusiasm for remote work. Millions of personnel now work from the comfort of their homes to avoid consignation. Even organizations that once hesitated to take the vital step now acknowledge that telecommuters are more efficient and productive, after all.

Numerous industry leaders are currently operating with a work-from-home-culture, including ZillowAmerican ExpressTwitter, and Facebook. Eclaro, for instance, has more than 800 personnel in different remote locations in the Philippines, and we can easily track and report their productivity. 

Even as nations continue to lift confinement rules, most companies still extend the option to staff. But for employers, this migration presents numerous challenges from remote work implementation to remote monitoring and productivity tracking. Fortunately, vast tech solutions are available to keep tabs on remote working environments, and the results so far have been incredible. 

Best Tools for Monitoring Remote Staff Productivity

Great employee monitoring tools simplify how you track your workforce. These are some of the best tools that can simplify the way you monitor your staff productivity remotely. 


Most entrepreneurs and HR executives consider Timely to be one of the most convenient time-monitoring software solutions. The tool allows you to track how much time a worker spends on each project and offers a relatively simple interface that's easy to navigate.

What's more, if your employee fails to remember stopping the timer on a particular task, you'll receive an email notification that it's still running. This way, you'll easily check in and edit as appropriate.


If you want to work with your team to create practical schedules adequately, TSheets should be your tool. Manning how remote workers clock in and out can be among the most significant challenges in this work-from-home era. But this monitoring tool simplifies the task by creating comprehensive timesheets for easy productivity evaluation and management. Regardless of where your employee is situated, there will be no excuses. 

Toggl Track

With more than 5 million worldwide users, Toggl Track is among the best alternatives for remote staff monitoring. The software's usage cuts across vast case scenarios, including revenue and project tracking, time tracking, reporting, and team schedules. It also has a background tracking feature that tracks every website or apps used for over 10 seconds, then turns the insights into a timeline report.

Toggl Track comes with calendar integration, detailed weekly reports, time-entry trigger suggestions, team dashboards, and more than 100 app integrations. Other attractive elements in the monitoring tool include time audits and email tracking reminders. 


DeskTime is a reliable remote employee monitoring software that primarily focuses on time tracking, an issue that most small and medium corporations struggle with. The solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes and shapes and offers lots of flexibility.

Desktime offers a comprehensive list of tracking capabilities to help you boost your productivity, save time and effort, keep everything organized, and stay in control. The features include App tracking, URL tracking, automatic screenshots, document title tracking, offline tracking, and project billing and cost calculation tools.


An industry leader in remote personnel monitoring, Teramind offers vast solutions for workspace productivity, insider threat prevention, data loss avoidance, and much more. The all-in-one solution provides several packages that cover activity monitoring, behavior analytics, and much more.

Teramind's offers productivity monitoring features include application and web-page usage, file transfer, instant messaging and email, search and keystroke monitoring, and insider threat and malicious behavior detection. You'll also benefit from the audio and video recording, and screen content OCR, built-in productivity optimization. The solutions can be cloud-based or on-premise.


Compared to other solutions in this list, OsMonitor has unique capabilities that you might find helpful. The tool's main job is network computer monitoring, primarily used in Windows computers. It's ideal for on-site deployment on your on-premise Windows devices.

The tool can block apps and games that don't relate to work and restrict site access based on keywords and URLs. It also limits large downloads, modified IP addresses, and USB port usage. You'll get real-time alerts, and the tool also offers remote reset and start. Other attractions are document management tools and remote access to staff desktops.


This relatively simple staff monitoring solution eliminates the complex monitoring elements while keeping the crucial features. As a result, managers and other company executives can analyze, track, and optimize their teams with ease.

WorkPlus offers excellent features like rules-based or periodic screenshots, verified attendance, computer action tracking, project budgeting, comprehensive reports, and automatic time mapping and proof of work. The monitoring tool's affordability is also another attractive feature, and the monthly subscription starts from just $4.80. it also has a 7-day free trial.


iMonitorSoft should be the solution to go for if you need a monitoring software solution that primarily focuses on security. The tool is designed to serve business entities, government organizations, and learning institutions, and over 25,000 agencies rely on it. Besides its security aspect, the software can also boost your productivity.

iMonitorSoft has automatic detection for staff risk and inappropriate behavior and sends you notifications in real-time. You're also guaranteed data security, and you'll find the provider's 24/7 tech support useful. The tool works across different operating systems and network architecture.

Why Use Remote Monitoring Tools

As most company executives and department heads have found out, knowing if your remote workers are working isn't as cut and dry. But with the right tools, you can easily keep track of their work routine.

Here are more benefits of remote monitoring tools:

  • Improved efficiency – Remote monitoring tools show the time an employee takes to complete a project and tracks their progress throughout the task. These insights can identify loopholes and determine the changes you need to make for optimal efficiency.
  • Enhanced productivity – A 2018 study found that teams are more productive when aware that they're monitored. Staff will be mindful of their activities, and this can promote efficient workflow.
  • Inspire personnel decisions – The insights and revelations from your monitoring tool have a substantial role in your staff promotion and termination decisions. You'll know the people you need in the long-run, and those that can handle more responsibilities.
  • Privacy protection – Staff monitoring tools can protect your company's sensitive data from theft or mishandling. The software will clearly show the responsible individual, the time they obtained the data, and where they took it next.
  • Location verification – If you have staff in the field, GPS tracking and monitoring tools will let you know whether where they are at the moment is where they should be. This ensures that work is being done, and you're paying them for what they've done.
  • Accountability – These tools hold our employees accountable for their daily output. This will motivate them to deliver results regularly.
  • Billing – An excellent time tracking solution allows contractors and freelancers to prove time spent on tasks, simplifying billing.  

You definitely want to build a productive remote team, so don't hesitate to contact us today for the proper assistance. Eclaro will work with you to implement the best tools and processes to ensure that your team is working as efficiently and productively as possible.


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