“We Sell Soda” No, we don’t, “We Deliver Talent”!

February 04, 2014 / by Catherine McCabe

by Kate McCabe, VP Eclaro

Fourteen years ago, my colleagues and I arrived at Pepsi’s beautiful headquarters in Westchester for a meeting. In the lobby, there was a large plaque that read “We Sell Soda”.  We were blown away by the clarity and simplicity of that statement.  Everyone who entered that facility, whether an employee, a vendor, a shareholder, knew what the one and only “Mission” of Pepsi was to “Sell Soda”.

Of course, perhaps Pepsi’s Mission has changed since that day. Societal trends, regulatory restrictions (that’s you former Mayor Bloomberg!), and global expansion have broadened and changed their 115 year old company.  I haven’t been to their facility recently so I don’t know if the sign endures, or has been replaced with We Sell Water or We Sell Experiences, but I’m sure it’s just as compelling.

Either way, that sign encouraged a small start up to get really clear about what we do. We Deliver Talent.

Getting to that level of clarity wasn’t easy or quick. We talked about how we get as clear as “We Sell Soda” for months, maybe years. Our business has also evolved greatly since its inception as a web enabled portal for contract labor with a strong recruiting backend, into a service provider of IT and Business Professional Consultants, Direct Hire, Vendor Management and Global Integrated Delivery of IT and Business Process support.

In the end, what we do is to Deliver Talent, whatever resources our clients need, across Technical and Business Verticals, Industries, whatever experience or expertise is required to help our clients be more Scalable, Flexible, Productive and Profitable is what we deliver.

Every member of the Eclaro team works to this end every day. Our Management Team focuses on ensuring our Delivery Teams have all of the training, tools, information and support that they need to Deliver the Talent our clients demand. Our Sales and Account Management Teams focus on working with our customers to fine tune their business and technical needs, manage on going initiatives, forecast future talent gaps. Our Systems teams ensure that our technological investments are cutting edge and functioning optimally. Our Accounting, HR and Operations staff make sure that our Employees, Consultants and Customers are well tended and that our Recruiting and Sourcing teams are able to focus on sourcing and attracting the perfect resources for our client and internal engagements.

Being really clear on what your Mission is allows everyone within your organization to focus on the only thing that matters, in our case, Delivering Talent. I challenge you to get that clear on what you do. It will revolutionize your focus on the end goal!


Kate McCabe is a VP at Eclaro. Kate joined Eclaro in 1999. She has over 15 years of experience in Human Capital Solutions Talent Delivery and is responsible for several of Eclaro’s Strategic Accounts as well as Brand Management.  She can be reached at 646.695.2931 or kate@eclaro.com.

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