Diwali Wishes for Light, Wisdom and Prosperity

October 25, 2022 / by Eclaro

Oil lamps, flickering flames, fireworks, a new moon rising—the inspiring symbolism of Diwali is all around, and the events that fill the holiday many know as the “Festival of Light” have returned once more as a source of joy, hope, promise and new beginnings.

The religious festival is a time for celebrating around the world—celebrating the triumph of good over evil, of hope over despair, of light overcoming darkness, of knowledge overcoming ignorance—as well as right here at home.

In New York City, home to the Eclaro World Headquarters, it was announced on October 22 that Diwali will become a public school holiday starting in 2023.

“By calling for Diwali to be marked as a public school holiday,” NYC Mayor Eric Adams said during the announcement, “we are celebrating our fellow New Yorkers’ traditions and the tradition of inclusiveness in the city we call home.”

With clay lamps lit and sweets shared and enjoyed, prayers are offered to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity and good fortune, and many people believe that this is also an ideal time during which to embark on new business. Diwali is also moment for individuals and communities alike to recognize the importance of friendships and the sweetness of life.

As we look to bright days ahead with all our friends and partners, we wish everyone happiness and prosperity, hope and light.

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