Summer Isn't Over and Neither Is Your Job Search

September 05, 2023 / by ECLARO

Why is everyone in such a rush to shove summer out the door once the beginning of September arrives? The unofficial end of the season of sun and surf may have come and gone with Labor Day Weekend’s passing, but we’re taking an endless summer approach around here at Eclaro.

In particular, we’re focusing on the “endless” part, because keeping a good thing going is rarely a bad idea—especially when that good thing is a quality job-search strategy that only gets better when you apply expert advice to your active pursuit.

Part of such a strategy is always fine-tuning one’s job-search approach, keeping up with what’s new but also refining those tried-and-true aspects of a job search that set certain people apart. People like you.


Eclaro’s expert team of recruiters knows the global job market, understands the art of bringing together the Right People with the right position at the right company. These talent-acquisition pros also know job seekers can always improve themselves and their approach to finding the right job by showing why they are the Right People, so here are a few tips whose value is, well, endless…

Make That Cover Letter and Resume Shine: “A well-structured resume and cover letter enable candidates to highlight their relevant skills, experiences, and achievements.”

Get Social: “Leverage professional social media platforms like LinkedIn or similar sites that align with your industry, career goals and geographic location.”

Be Present: “Attendance to industry virtual or site events expands candidates' professional network, an avenue to inform newfound contacts about being on a job-hunt. While you’re reaching out to your network, ask for referrals or advice.”

Stay Informed: “Utilize job search platforms/websites, job boards or company career pages to find job postings and configure email alerts to receive notifications for relevant positions.”

Know Where You Want to Go: “Research and learn about the companies you are interested in working for, as one needs to understand the culture, values and specific job opportunities they offer.”

Get Ready to Be Interviewed…And to Do Some Interviewing Yourself: “In preparing for an interview, one must practice answering common interview questions and develop compelling stories to showcase skills. Thoughtful questions for the interviewer must be on-hand as well.”

Go Hardcore on Soft Skills: “Soft skills must be effectively communicated/highlighted by providing specific examples on how these were demonstrated from previous roles.”

Stay on Track: “Keep yourself organized in maintaining a tracker for the jobs applied to, including interview dates and action items. Knowing where you’ve been can help you plan your next steps and help get you where you want to go.”

Stay in Touch: “Express gratitude with a Thank You email after an interview and reaffirm you interest in the position. Follow up on the status of each application if no feedback has been received within a reasonable time frame.”

Evaluate Your Options: “When finding a permanent position becomes a challenge, consider temporary or contract work assignments, as they can provide valuable experience as well as networking opportunities.”

Elevate Your Game: “Upskill continuously to enhance your qualifications for your desired role by taking courses and/or virtual classes, completing certifications and always improving yourself and expanding your knowledge and skill set.”

Understand Every Offer: “Evaluate job offers by considering how well each aligns with your career goals based on factors such as salary, benefits, responsibilities, company culture and growth potential.”

Never Forget, Attitude Equals Altitude: “Maintain a positive attitude, be persistent amid setbacks and learn from each experience. Remember, job searching can be challenging and rejection is common, but a positive approach and the right mindset will help you through the entire process, and beyond.”

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