Engage, Evolve, Excel This Labor Day Weekend

September 01, 2023 / by ECLARO

Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to kick back and celebrate the great work you’ve done all year. And the Friday that kicks off Labor Day Weekend is ideal for taking a few moments for some Five on Friday fun—which, of course, is inspired by our “Engage, Evolve, Excel” philosophy, which is fundamental to the ways in which we engage with clients, job candidates and Eclaro colleagues alike as we help one another evolve and excel in all walks of life.

Diving into Five on Friday this week is Eclaro Senior Account Executive, Business Development, Almira Regal-So, who invites you to join her as she reflects on how to find focus amid multitasking, how singing and cold calls share a curious bond, why a dive into Blue Zones might be your next grand adventure, and more.

I find that true engagement and presence are more precious than any multi-tasking skill. That doesn’t mean I can’t or don’t balance multiple things at once. It’s often quite the opposite. But a powerful lesson I’ve learned is that engaging with myself and others in a focused manner leads to moments of genuine connection that, as life truly unfolds, offer a more meaningful existence.

As a working mother, mastering the art of multitasking has become second nature to me. Juggling what can seem like an endless array of tasks and responsibilities is an ability that many might perceive as something to take pride in, a badge of honor, but there came a time during these moments when I wondered, is it really?

Well, that depends. There are times when endless multitasking can, ironically, hinder productivity rather than enhance it. In times when I thought I was accomplishing more by taking on multiple tasks simultaneously, the reality was that quality of my work and my ability to connect suffered.

Putting down my phone was the first step in regaining control over my focus and time. It allowed me to be fully present during important conversations. Whether it was with clients or colleagues, undivided attention was not just a sign of respect that I focused on demonstrating, but it is also vital for building strong relationships and trust. Whoever was sharing a moment with me, they were going to have my full attention.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of this transformation has been the impact on my relationship with my children. Engaging with them in a focused manner, pushing other distractions aside, has created true quality time and has allowed me to connect and build authentic, genuine bonds.

“Change is not only inevitable but also essential.” Reflecting on my journey over the past decade, I’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in how business is conducted in the staffing industry. I used to physically walk the floors of the very building where my client’s office was located, engaging in face-to-face interactions. As we all know, it has changed significantly, and quickly, with remote work becoming more part of the norm and technologies like Zoom replacing traditional meetings. Even those lunch meetings that I enjoyed so much, getting to spend quality time with clients, became harder and harder to set based on where people might be physically working on any given day.

Embracing the transformation—whether it is new technologies, new means of interacting or new expectations that drive the way people conduct business—has been a key step to adapting to the changing dynamics of this industry. In-person and virtual interactions have their unique strengths. I love how the former fosters a sense of physical presence and intimacy, while the latter offers flexibility and convenience. Crucial is the power of strong connection cultivated by both and integrating these approaches to build and establish strong relationships.

No matter how long you’ve been in whatever business or position you are currently, you always want to do your best and also get better. It’s essential to develop new skills and practice to keep those old skills sharp. That can apply to the new digital technologies I was just talking about, or to something like the old cold call. A manager once told me that continuing to make cold calls would not only improve my skills and keep me building comfort and confidence in what I would be saying about the company or the offer I had, but the practice would also make the conversation that much better and informative for the person on the other end.

I remember being confused at first about the idea of making call after call if I wasn’t getting much response, but then I realized it was the same thing I would undergo as a singer in my younger years when learning a new song. You practice meticulously, often rehearsing it over 100 times, until you have the confidence to perform it flawlessly, with conviction and poise. And that makes if better for the performer and the audience, every time.

I heard of the “Blue Zones” years ago and thought it was another fad diet or a secret recipe for longevity. Little did I know that it represented to something far deeper—a way of life guided by purpose, unique diets and traditions. Curious, I watched the first 2 episodes of the Netflix show Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones.

The host, Dan Buettner, took me on a journey to regions around the world with the highest number of centenarians, and helped me explore different places that uniquely have a special story to tell. As I watched, I pondered if we could create our own Blue Zones in the chaos of modern life. If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a dive into these Blue Zones. I know I plan to keep diving in, not just as an observer but as a curious adventurer, hoping to uncover the secrets of balanced, healthier, meaningful and longer lives.

In our relentless pursuit of success, we often overlook the fact that true fulfillment is not merely an accumulation of accomplishments. There should always be a sacred time for spiritual reflection, for connecting with whatever anchors you to what’s truly important in your life.

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