November 23, 2022 / by ECLARO

Thankful. It is a word we’ve all taken time to reassess and redefine over the past few years—even more so when Thanksgiving arrives. Many households have a tradition in which they go around the table and ask each person to list what they are thankful for. Some people say it’s family and friends (which we always have on our list), others say it’s that green bean casserole (which we simply can’t believe). It differs from home to home, table to table, but at the core of every answer is gratitude that runs deep and beyond this one day (except, perhaps, for those green beans).

Our “gratitude list” is long, and we add to it continuously. Our list of lists (yes, we absolutely love lists) also gets longer by the day, it seems, so it feels only appropriate that we are thankful to add our list as a toast to the people and partnerships for whom we are always grateful.

We are thankful for… the Right People
There are any number of ways to describe “the Right People”—and we are thankful to encounter them at every turn. Our employees, for their dedication, their caring, their ongoing quest to improve themselves and the company in ways large and small. Our clients, for having put your trust in us to help your businesses flourish, for building relationships that only get stronger over time. And of course, we extend our thanks to the Right People in our communities, to the essential workers, the educators, the volunteers, the leaders who inspire the best in all of us.

We are thankful for… The Cs—Collaboration, Commitment, Creativity
Working together is the ultimate way to solve a problem, to foster positive change, to come up with new ways of thinking and fresh approaches to ongoing challenges. We are thankful for the collaboration we see in our teams, the fact that everyone’s commitment to working together allows us to come up with innovative ways of doing business and creative ideas that keep us and our clients moving forward.

We are thankful for… The Opportunity to Give Back
The spirit of giving that emanates from every employee at Eclaro inspires us to continue building a culture of caring. Whether we are all united in volunteering to help groups and individuals in our local communities or increasing our efforts on the Impact Sourcing front, notably through the growth of Eclaro Academy in the Philippines, giving back is a way to give thanks.

We are thankful for… A Future That Is Bright
Yes, there are challenges and obstacles facing each and every one of us, every day. But if the past three years in particular have taught us anything, it’s that we all have the ability to adapt and pivot, to redefine and reimagine ourselves and our businesses. Tough times allow our compassion and empathy to shine and help us find a strength and resilience we sometimes forget we have. They inspire us to look inside ourselves, and to all those around us, and truly appreciate all we have and all the great things that are yet to come.

From everyone at Eclaro, we wish you and yours a day with more things to be thankful for than you can possibly list!

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